Almost three weeks ago, someone came to our shelter in Freeport with a grey tabby cat he rescued from being killed in traffic. A witness told us he literally jumped on top of her on the yellow line with traffic on both sides to stop what was inevitable. Well having over 130 cats at the shelter we had no room but noticed her bulging sides and thought we had to do something. Next day she went to the vet and he confirmed that she was pregnant but no one knew how pregnant she was. He said she would have the kittens in about two weeks. She made a couple of other trips to the vet for other problems and during the night last Saturday she delivered her kittens. When Tara and Elise arrived she was still in labor and they helped her through the rest of the delivery with help on the phone from Elises sister. She delivered a total of nine kittens but sadly only two were alive. One was very weak and the other seemed OK. On Sunday night she lost the weak kitten and then she started bleeding. We were all very concerned and she was taken to the Emergency vet late that night. Her kitten remained with her because it was too little to make it on her own. The diagnosis was not good she needed emergency surgery and a blood transfusion. The kitten remained with her through all that she went through and thankfully is still with her. It is so sad that she carried these kittens to term and lost all but one of them. We do not know what happened but we do not what she went through on the street either. She was diagnosed as having a retained placenta and would have bled to death if we had not intervened. We all shudder to think what would have happened to her if she was still on the street. She is a very sweet cat and may have belonged to someone at some time. The problem is that the vet bills are huge to save her and her tiny baby. We need your help to pay for them. Any other rescue would have said to put her down because of the huge amount of medical bills it would incur but we stood beside her and did not make that decision because she deserves a chance especially because of what she has gone through. PLEASE HELP YOU CAN DONATE THROUGH THE CHIP IN OR SEND DONATIONS TO BOBBI AND THE STRAYS AND MARK THEM THEWILLOW FUND, PO BOX 170128, OZONE PARK, NEW YORK 11417.THANK YOU SO MUCH, GINNY, WILLOW AND TINY BABY.and the whole BATS Crew! THANK YOU!