Poor Sniffles was found on the side of the road. The cat was alive but in very bad shape. She wasn’t moving and had blood on her face. We had thought that the poor kitty had been hit by a car. She couldn’t open her eyes from all the discharge and she had blood on her nose and mouth =) She was rushed to the closest emergency hospital. They vet confirmed the cat who Theresa named Sniffles was in bad shape but they didn’t think Sniffles was hit by a car. It turned out that Sniffles had a severe case of pneumonia =( Sniffles was all skin and bones and only weighed in at 3 lbs!!! The vet said she would not have survived the night if she hadn’t been brought in to the hospital. Sniffles stayed the night at emergency on IV all night. In the morning she was transferred to our vet. She was rubbing her head against the volunteers and was so loving and affectionate! She was so grateful to be rescued. Sniffles will stay at the vet till she is one hundred percent better and ready for adoption. We are accepting donations for her emergency vet visit which was $567. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. We will post an update soon! Thank you from all of us at Bobbi and the Strays and from Sniffles the cat =)