Shrimp was abandoned at our doorstep, along with Trout, scared and confused as to what was going on. As soon as we got her out of the carrier, she instantly rubbed her head on my hands and was begging for affection! What a doll she is! Shrimp loves to be petted, brushed, and have a nice warm lap to sit on! Although she is mega sweet, she is having trouble adjusting to the shelter environment… she hides if no person is around. As soon as someone goes by her, she runs over to them as if she is begging for a chance to be a part of the family… Do you think you could give this beautiful girl the second chance she deserves??? Shrimp is spayed, declawed (she was declawed when she came in), tested and vaccinated. Please come visit Shrimp at 2 Rider Place in Freeport,NY 11510 or give us a call at 516-378-4340 for more info on our kitties.