Samantha was found on the streets with her lone kitten Tabitha. They were brught to us by the caring person who found them. Tabitha has since been adopted. Now it is Samantha’s turn. Samantha is calm, sweet, and loving. She loves to be held and petted. Sammy is an amazing affectionate girl that you can’t help but fall in love with her when you meet her. She also responds like a poochie…. when you call her over to you, she comes! Her sweetness just warms up your heart! Samantha also tested positive for FIV so needs to be with other FIV posive cats or a single kitty. She had come to us with only one eye, but she functons just like any other cat. Please consider giving Samantha the life she so truely deserves. Come meet her pretty face at 2 Rider Place in Freeport, NY 11520 or call for more info. 516-378-4340