Puccini and his three other kitty friends were left behind when their owner passed away. Unfortunately, when the family and Animal Control came to gather them, they made the mistake of opening the windows. The cats were terried of course, and poor Puccini was so scared and confused that he went through the screen and fell 4 floors! Luckily for him, he survived but he did break his leg =( Puccini was very depressed when he came to us and lost a significant amount of weight. Now is on the mend and his cast was removed recently. He has been eating extremely well and is starting to put some weight back on thank goodness. Puccini is a very loving cat who adores any attention he can get. As soon as someone looks at him he will start talking to get their attention hoping for a scratch on the chin awwww. He is neutered, vaccinated and tested negative for feline Leukemia and AIDS. If you are interested in Puccini, please email adopt@bobbicares.org today!! Thank you so much for caring!