Petunia was rescued during a TNR project along with her litter of 8 week old babies and 3 Male Tom cats who were Feral and released back into the colony. She is about a year old, spayed, vaccinated and tested negative. She was once an indoor pet before the owner dumped her outside and began living in a neighbors yard on the block. She did a outstanding job raising her babies up until they were 10 weeks old and were adopted out. Petunia is last one standing and deserves the best as well. She would do best in a home with 1 other cat or alone. Relationship with dogs is unknown right now. She is a very tough girl doesnt like to be in a colony setting with several cats. She probably did enough fighting to protect her babies outside in her colony and is overwhelmed. Once a house cat, tossed to the street unspayed!, Got pregant and had to raise her babies in a outdoor shed! She was so friendly and warm hearted to us when we arrived to rescue them. She knew this was a rescue and gave us no problems getting her babies. Who can give this little lady a home again? This time Furever 🙂 If you would like to see Petunia please visit her at our Atlas Mall location. For more information please call 718 326-6070