Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa’s atory is a heartwrenching one and we are very glad to have her safe with us now. She, along with 3 of her housemates, were left in an apartment when the owner passed away. Relatives came in and just starting moving things out which scared them even more – they were hiding in fear! One of our volunteers found out about it and went the extra mile to save these precious cats. They were terrified and confused, but are doing much better =) Mona Lisa is loving, friendly and an absolute sweetheart. She loves, loves being held, adores affection and purrs when you hold her. She is used to living with other cats so if you have one, she should be fine. If you would like to meet little Mona and give her a safe, forever indoor only home, please email or call 718-326-6070. Thank you so much for caring!