Molly, Millie, Luke and Louie

A beautiful mama cat named Molly gave birth to three sweet little kittens outside in the cold. They were all rescued by a wonderful person and are safe and sound in his home.

Molly, a tortoiseshell,is approximately one and a half years old. Her babies are 9 weeks old. Millie is a female tuxedo, and Luke and Louie are buff tabbies. Millie is particularly close to her mama, and Luke and Louie are best buds. They are all up for adoption. Please call Mike at 516- 606-7161 to learn more about this sweet little family.

Age:1 1/2 years (Molly, mom), 9 weeks (kittens Millie, Luke and Louie)
Color: tortoiseshell (Molly), buff (Luke and Louie), black & white tuxedo (Millie)
Size: medium (when full grown)
Hair Length:short
Sex: Female (Molly, Millie), male (Luke, Louie)
Shots Up to Date: y
Spayed/Neutered: not yet
Location: Courtesy Post