Maggie was found by one of our volunteers. She was under a porch giving birth to her 5 kittens. Maggie was a mess. She had been in a fight, her leg was swollen and visibly injured. Maggie took care of her kittens as if she were fine. As soon as our volunteer established a trust with Maggie, she was brought inside with her kittens. Maggie’s leg appeared to have healed and the kittens were healthy. When the kittens were 5 weeks old our volunteer took Maggie to be tested for FIV and Leukemia. Maggie tested positive for FIV, probably from the fight she was in and the injury to her leg. She stayed at the Vet’s office and was spayed, given all her shots and is doing very well. Maggie is so sweet and was probably a person’s pet at some point and somehow became a "street" cat. FIV cats can live a very long life and can only transmit their disease through bites with blood exchange. A human cannot get FIV and there are so many cat owners who have cats that are FIV positive (born with it or obtained from a fight from going outdoors). Maggie would be a perfect one cat pet. How about giving her a chance? Many cats with FIV end up in cages or havens for cats with FIV because people are "afraid". There is nothing to be "afraid" of. A cat with FIV cannot fight off illness as well as a healthy cat but that’s not a reason to not adopt a cat with FIV. So….Maggie is ready for a home. She is ready to be fattened up, sit on your lap or next to you. Ready to give you love. How about being ready to give her a chance? If you have questions or are interested in adopting Maggie please email or call 516-946-4499. Maggie is not at one of our shelters, she is being fostered by the same volunteer that rescued her. Email: or call 516-946-4499 PS – so far the kittens are doing great. On July 22nd they get tested and we are hoping for clean bills of help. Fingers crossed and prayers appreciated.