Klondike was brought to our shelter with his 6 housemates when his own could no longer care for them. They are now all seeking a new place to call home. Klondike is a super affectionate cat with a very mellow personality. A total lap cat indeed! He loves all people and all creatures, so would make a great addition to any home! With the look he gives you when he first lays eyes on you, your heart will instantly melt. Klondike was diagnosed with kidney disease and is on a special diet and has to be monitored to make sure he is not dehydrated. We give him sub q fluids three times a week. We are looking for a special needs foster or forever home to take care of Klondike so he doesn’t have to spend his days in the shelter. Please consider giving Klondike the warm, loving home he truely deserves. Meet sweet Klondike at our Freeport Rescue located at 2 Rider Place.