Joe’s Snowball

One of our volunteers, Joe, found this so so cute kitty outside. He already has ten cats, but couldn’t resist helping this poor boy and got him off the mean streets. Everyone knows that’s no place for kitty-kats! Snowball just showed up one day and Joe started to feed him and had him vaccinated and neutered. Snow-B is very friendly and he really would make someone a great house pet =) Snowball has this to say: "I used to be the toughest in the hood and good with my paws. But since I have been neutered, all I want now is to be in your lap, or on your couch. Heck, I’ll even take the floor because I really want a family of my own and I am really cute. Please help me – I promise you won’t regret it". If you would like some more info, please contact us. Remember – this kitty, as ALL cats should be, is an indoor only cat. Thank you so much!