When Glitter first came to us, she was traumatized. Her owner had sadly killed himself in the apartment and the police sealed up the apartment as a crime scene leaving Glitter alone in there for over two weeks to fend for herself. When we heard about the situation we went to the police and they accompanied us to the apartment and let us go in to find Glitter. She was obviously very scared and was hiding in a room full of clutter. After two hours we were able to rescue her and bring her to the shelter. With all that she had been through, its understandable that she pretty much kept to herself for almost a year. Then slowly we started to see a change in her. She allowed some of the volunteers to pet her and play with her. She was slowly allowing herself to trust again after having her heart broken. Recently a group of girl scouts came to visit the shelter and Glitter was basking in their attention, even rolling over and showing her belly and playing with toys. Glitter is spayed, vaccinated and tested and ready to be adopted. She is a special girl who deserves a loving, understanding home that will give her time to adjust and trust. For more info on Glitter please email us at or stop by freeport 2 rider place11520