Dazzle is the sweetest kitty that has gone through a lot. It seems that Dazzle (that’s her name now because she dazzles like a star =) was a stray who was seen here and there in Queens. One day something was terribly wrong – she had a very large open wound on her back. No one knows for sure if it was an accident or inflicted. Shes needed 3 surgeries to close her back – however she is fully healed and healthy. She adores attention and will make someone a great kitty companion. Dazzle loves to be pet and held. Shell call you back when you leave her cage after a petting session. Shes become quite the popular lady. Shes had a really rough start in life and deserves a forever home with someone to love her with as much affection as she gives. If you would like some more info, please contact adopt@bobbicares.org. Remember – this kitty, as ALL cats should be, is an indoor only cat. Thank you so much!