Comet is a sweetheart of a little kitty. He takes a little while to get to know someone and feel comfortable with them, but once he does he can’t get enough love and attention and will be all over you. The poor baby needs a loving person to take him home because he does not like being at the adoption center and it seems to be so hard on him. He wants to come home and sit on your lap and relax – we told him that that is not too much to ask out of life and that his person will come soon! He absolutely loves to have his belly rubbed and to butt heads awwwww. Comet was born in September of 2008, tested negative for feline AIDS and leukemia, is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. If you would like some more info, please email and/or send an application to Please remember – this kitty, as ALL cats should be, is an indoor only cat. Thank you so much!