Bobbi and the Strays has partnered with Ross Cellino on a very special program called “Sponsor A Cage.”

You can join other businesses in our community who are saving the lives of adoptable animals and gaining valuable visibility through the “Sponsor a Cage” program.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Many of our sponsors participate on an ongoing basis thanks to the following benefits:

  • 100% of sponsorship dollars go to Bobbi and the Strays to support life-saving activities
  • Promotional support attached to your sponsorship
  • Sharing your sponsored animal with your customers and employees is a great way to get them excited about a meaningful cause

How it Works

Our valued sponsors receive the following promotional opportunities as part of their participation:

  • Logo placement: Your logo will receive prominent placement on the cage of an adoptable cat or dog in our shelter.
  • Social media promotion: We will announce your sponsorship on our social media pages and post again when your sponsored animal is adopted. If your sponsored animal is adopted before your sponsorship expires, we will move a new animal into the cage you have sponsored and issue another social media announcement related to your sponsorship.

Learn more, see our sponsors, see our sponsored animals and adopted animals that were sponsored


Sponsor a dog: $250 per month or $2,500 for the year
Sponsor a cat: $200 per month or $2,000 for the year

Next Steps

Contact our office at superadmin@bobbicares.org or 516-378-4340.