We are looking to raise $10,000 for Karma’s recovery.  She was surrendered to us on 7/3/18 by her owner who purchased her from a puppy store a couple of days before.  The owner said she was an “impulse” purchase and didn’t have time for her.  She tried to “return” her to the puppy store and get her money back and they refused.  So, thankfully, she came to us.

Upon intake, Karma was obviously sick and lethargic.  She went right to our vet and has been there ever since, fighting for her life.  She tested positive for parvo, an extremely serious disease, especially in a young puppy.

Due to the extended time at the vet and the medications, fluids, antibiotics and vitamins she has been receiving, she is slowly improving.  But the cost for her care is astronomical.  Any amount you can donate is welcome.