A man dropped off a severely neglected male dog at our Queens shelter.  He was so badly matted you could not tell if you were looking at his face or his backside.  We have seen some badly matted dogs, but the horror “Buddy” must have gone through for YEARS is one we just cant get out of our minds. How could the owner do this?!

The finder claimed the dog was found in Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village, tied to a tree by a running track.  If anyone has ANY information about this dog, or if you saw this dog tied to the tree, please contact Bobbi at:  (718) 845-0779 or (917) 213-9840.

The dog was so neglected, it is difficult to determine his age.  But, the veterinarian estimated him to be between 7-9 years old.  They had to shave him, neuter, perform a dental, do extensive blood work and treat him for parasites. We are still awaiting the blood work results.

Bobbi named him Buddy.  Any and all monetary donations toward Buddy’s care would be greatly appreciated!