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There are so many ways that someone can volunteer to help Bobbi and the Strays. Any way that you are able to help would be greatly appreciated.

You can:
  1. Become a Dog Walker.
  2. Become a Bobbi Buddy.
  3. Be a Cage Cleaner.
  4. Help at an Adoption Event.
  5. Become a Humane Educator.
  6. Be an Animal or Supply Transporter.
  7. Help with General Administration.
  8. Help with Special Projects.
  9. Foster a homeless dog or cat.
  10. Sponsor an Adoption or Fundraising Event.
  11. Donate your professional or Business Services.
  12. Help at a Fundraising Event – or even organize one on behalf of Bobbi and the Strays.
  13. Socialize the cats.

1) You can become a Dog Walker.
We ask that dog walkers commit to a weekly schedule of at least one day a week for two hours to come to our shelter to walk and play with our dogs providing much needed exercise and socialization.
2) You can become a Bobbi Buddy.
The Buddy Program is for people who enjoy the company of a dog but cannot foster or adopt due to time or housing restraints. Volunteers for this program are partnered with a dog living in our shelter that needs one on one attention and socialization. You will take your dog to local parks, beaches, training sessions, etc. This will provide the animal a break from the shelter environment to alleviate stress and provide much needed exercise and mental stimulation.
3) You can be a Cage Cleaner.
We need cage cleaners at our Atlas Mall location. We ask that you please commit to a weekly schedule of at least one day a week for two hours.
4) You can help at an Adoption Event.
We need volunteers to handle dogs at our events. Training will be provided. Adoption Events occur roughly once per month. If you can commit to attending each adoption event – that would be greatly appreciated.
5) You can become a Humane Educator.
Education is the key to generating awareness in the community about the prevention of animal abuse and neglect as well as spay/neuter programs and their important effect on the dog and cat overpopulation crisis in New York City. We will train volunteers to visit local schools and speak with children, parents, and teachers on why being kind to animals is important and how they can help. Volunteers for this program must be available during school hours. (8am -3pm, Monday through Friday)  
6) You can be an Animal or Supply Transporter
We need volunteers with cars to transport animals to the vet, groomers, adoption events, etc. We also need volunteers to transport supplies, food, and items that people may donate to us.
7) You can help with General Administration We are always in need for volunteers to answer phones, greet visitors, stuff envelopes, write letters, database creation and entry, mass mailings, typing, filing, etc.
8) You can help with Special Projects
We need volunteers to help with events, create and dispense flyers, collect donations, sell tickets, help at garage and tag sales, and other projects that come up throughout the year. 
9) You can Foster a homeless dog or cat. More info ...
10) You can sponsor an Adoption or Fundraising Event. More info ...
11) You can donate your professional or Business Services More info ...
12) You can help at a Fundraising Event – or even organize one on behalf of Bobbi and the Strays.
We always need volunteers to help plan, organize, generate buzz, set-up, and carry-out fundraising events.
13) Socialize the cats
Read to the cats in our Book Nook program. More info ...
For more information or to volunteer please contact us at (718) 326-6070, (516) 378-4340 or email  
A Message To Volunteers

I would love for my legacy to be that I left behind a Shelter and Rescue Group that will continue to do great work and continue to help the many animals that need help in this world. My dream is on the way to becoming a reality because of my truly wonderful volunteers who have shared my vision over the years and who continue to share my vision.

Bobbi and the Strays has been able to remain operational due to the devotion of these very hard-working and dedicated individuals. My volunteers stand by me, work beside me, and have done everything necessary to save the lives of thousands of animals. I couldn’t ask for a better team of special people to help me in my mission. My volunteers share my love of animals by rejoicing with me when a rescue is accomplished and an animal is saved, and they have shed tears of sorrow with me when an animal’s life is lost.

My volunteers - you are my strength, my courage, and my champions. Without your compassion, dedication, and hard work, Bobbi and the Strays wouldn’t even exist. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unwavering devotion to the animals who we rescue. Animal rescue work is my life! The support I receive from you helps keep Bobbi and the Strays, as well as my dream, alive.

All my love,

PS – I must also add that my work could not be accomplished without the support of my family who allow me to give so much of my time and life to the task of rescuing animals. I thank you for putting up with me!

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